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Investing In Our Future

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Wanda & Janice Wilson Foundation provides programs of opportunity, empowerment and scholarship.  Support for high school students and teachers is offered through enrichment activities, scholarships and mini-grants to further their endeavors and experiences that will positively impact their communities through leadership, service and mentorship.

Your support of the Wanda and Janice Wilson Foundation creates a pathway of educational opportunities for deserving students to achieve their goal of a college education. 

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A partnership with, The Wanda & Janice Wilson Foundation is more than financial support.  It's a commitment to creating a better future.

The Wanda and Janice Foundation is a Florida, Volusia County based Non-Profit Organization dedicated to fund-raising and  providing academic endowments. We provide opportunities and scholarships to select deserving individuals at high school and university levels - rewarding students and teachers alike.

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